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A Beginner’s Guide to Quarantine From A Born-Again Optimist

Film A Beginner’s Guide to Quarantine From A Born-Again Optimist Directed by Kristyna Archer Life in quarantine has taken a mental toll on every one of us. I made this film “A...

I’m the survivor of your chaos

Film I’m the survivor of your chaos Directed by Lada Egorova When her best friend dies of the COVID-19, a girl reassesses her entire place in society. This quarantine...

A New Place

Film A New Place Directed by Yuliia Zolina Amanda just moved into a new place and something strange start happening.

After the Meeting

Film After the Meeting Directed by Aaron Berry It's April 2020, deep in the COVID Shelter-In-Place order. Kids are trapped in their homes and parents are…


Film Bananas Directed by Josh Drake There's a party happening somewhere, you coming?

be the C H A N G E

Film be the C H A N G E Directed by Nopani Hernandez A young girl finds a way to pull herself out of the negative media and conspiracy theories surrounding…


Film Clonely Directed by Ali AlKhafaji Ali makes a clone to keep him company during quarantine.


Film Disconnect Directed by Chloe Cruz, Kathryn Bons Quarantine is hard when you don't have wifi

ev·a·nesce: A Worldly Mishap

Film ev·a·nesce: A Worldly Mishap Directed by Angelik Laboy An exchange student shines a light on how a pandemic has affected her story.

Gotta Sing For It

Film Gotta Sing For It Directed by Ralph Blanchard In the midst of a pandemic, a man is disturbed by a mysterious courier that insists on delivering…

Growing Up COVID

Film Growing Up COVID Directed by Rylee Landau This movie is about a moment in time. The time during COVID-19. There’s so much to be concerned...


Film History Directed by Justin Jay Jones A short documentary about memories.

Home Sweet Home

Film Home Sweet Home Directed by Mohammad Zare, Raana Vaezi Home Sweet Home!

Idée Fixe

Film Idée Fixe Directed by Aiden Keltner An experimental short that explores the journey we each must take to find peace in quarantine.

I’m Glad You’re Here

Film I’m Glad You’re Here Directed by Taylor Ingalls According to Taylor, quarantine is boring, monotonous, and just downright depressing. But her friend Ginny likes to look…


Film Immunity Directed by Charles Eck As the world faces an unprecedented viral outbreak, one woman begins to face the grim reality of being…

Isolated Learning

Film Isolated Learning Directed by Paul-Anthony Anselmo A lost soul seeks understanding and meaning in the middle of isolation.

Keep Calm and Stay Indoors

Film Keep Calm and Stay Indoors Directed by Josh Stone A short comedic 1940s style film outlining the 10 steps of quarantine survival.

Life Behind Bars

Film Life Behind Bars Directed by AJ Bishop The woes of a bartendress who moves home to quarantine with her parents.


Film MAD MASK – FURY ROLL Directed by Stéphane Berla I made a “viral” video at home during the french confinement.   You can buy San Diego Film...

Memento or Bust

Film Memento or Bust Directed by Andrea Martina, Arnold Aldridge Leona, who suffers from memory loss, is reminded daily by notes on how to survive in quarantine and…


Film ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WORLD Directed by Babak Beigi A Western Gunfight, Coronavirus vs nurse

Only The Good Die Young

Film Only The Good Die Young Directed by RC Krueger A failed relationship tries it's damnedest to be rekindled during lock down.


Film Quarantine Directed by Joseffa Trip In a world where things have changed because of quarantine, a woman has to survive on her own....


Film QUARANTINE ANGEL Directed by Amin Matalqa A comedy music video about a couple on the fritz entering lockdown in their 250 square-foot home. *No...

san diego on super 8 (during covid-19)

Film san diego on super 8 (during covid-19) Directed by Emily Fleet Images of San Diego during the pandemic of Covid-19

She Thought She Was Alone in the House During Quarantine

Film She Thought She Was Alone in the House During Quarantine Directed by Sean Stanley A young woman is bored to death during quarantine. Someone knocks on her office door and asks her…

Socially Distanced

Film Socially Distanced Directed by Jeff Willy An eccentric family turns to virtual communication in order to maintain sanity and survive a global pandemic. Staying…

So Say All Of Us

Film So Say All Of Us Directed by Colin Peppard A birthday can be difficult when you’re in isolation. A man struggles to come to terms with the…

Stay-at-Home Heroes

Film Stay-at-Home Heroes Directed by Todor Nikolov This is the story of an average family of four struggling to overcome temptation of getting out of...

The ABCs of Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home

Film The ABCs of Things To Do When You’re Stuck At Home Directed by Julie Reiters This short film is a celebration of simple acts of play, imagination and downtime for kids and families...

The Book Chapter 2: Quarantined

Film The Book Chapter 2: Quarantined Directed by Matt Sellars A boy becomes possessed during quarantine. Mom's not having it.

The Castle

Film The Castle Directed by Chandru Bhojwani The battle of Isolation

The Cure

Film The Cure Directed by Daniel G Roberts Donald Trump offhandedly suggests a brilliant idea during a presidential briefing.

The Pause

Film The Pause Directed by Anastasia Kovalchuk During the pandemic, we teamed up with filmmakers from 12 countries and shot a documentary short about a...

The Quarantine Diet

Film The Quarantine Diet Directed by Jill Janairo Shot over 9 days and featuring over 30 different dishes, this short film explores how sheltering-in-place forced us…

TheCoRaven (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe)

Film TheCoRaven (with apologies to Edgar Allan Poe) Directed by Darren Mark Douglas Locked in the loneliness of self-isolation, our Poe-tagonist receives a dark visitor.


Film TOILETPAPERMAN Directed by Gary Ye An unlikely hero appears in an uncertain time

Unsafe Spaces

Film Unsafe Spaces Directed by Priyadarshi Khastgir As the Coronavirus pandemic affects millions globally, the world is self isolating in the comfort of their own…

UNTIMED: A Lockdwon Tale

Film UNTIMED: A Lockdwon Tale Directed by Fabio Reitano After a lifetime spent travelling the world, a man finds himself stuck in his old family house, during…

We all love pancakes

Film We all love pancakes Directed by Thierry Denis As most kids, my 4 yr old is extremely resilient and has adapted to the new normal better…

Zoom-Bombing Mormons

Film Zoom-Bombing Mormons Directed by W. Cody Nelson Spreading the good word can be tough during a pandemic... but not for these two dashing Latter Day…