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The Pause

Directed by Anastasia Kovalchuk

Cast: Anthony Pontillas, Dasha Grachova, Dmitry Zaicev, Eugenia Korolova, Fefor Kokorev, Ilona Stavitskaya, Karina Nikitina, Kirill Loginov Dasha Grachova, Klimov Sergey, Leyli Shikhalieva, Mary Salivan, Mira bachkur, Nadine Esterl, Natali Panda, Olivia Kim Ourik, Polina Snisarenko, Ramiyro Porras Vigil, Robert Leitner, Valeriya Kirichenko

During the pandemic, we teamed up with filmmakers from 12 countries and shot a documentary short about a unique moment in our lives, a social pause.
This is an exciting and challenging time for people and for the global economy. But thanks to this pause, the walls between people began to crumble.
We became more open, we began to hear others and listen to them. We offered help to strangers, we wanted to evolve and create, the humanity united to pull on one string.
We wanted to picture this by combining the efforts of strangers on this project.

This video should remind us that people are not omnipotent. The nature has absolute superiority over us.


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