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Film Immunity Directed by Charles Eck As the world faces an unprecedented viral outbreak, one woman begins to face the grim reality of being…

Isolated Learning

Film Isolated Learning Directed by Paul-Anthony Anselmo A lost soul seeks understanding and meaning in the middle of isolation.

Keep Calm and Stay Indoors

Film Keep Calm and Stay Indoors Directed by Josh Stone A short comedic 1940s style film outlining the 10 steps of quarantine survival.

Left Behind

Film Left Behind Directed by Diogo Caramujo After a virus suffer a mutation and get out of control, people had to choose two persons per…

Life Behind Bars

Film Life Behind Bars Directed by AJ Bishop The woes of a bartendress who moves home to quarantine with her parents.

Lockdown with a Baby

Film Lockdown with a Baby Directed by Lyn Ben-Ari A 2 minute Montage that summarises a day in a life of two young parents with their baby…


Film MAD MASK – FURY ROLL Directed by Stéphane Berla I made a “viral” video at home during the french confinement.   You can buy San Diego Film...


Film Mars Directed by Filip Markovinović A short fiction film made during the self-isolation period caused by the COVID-19. Vid, an eleven-year-old boy, makes...

Memento or Bust

Film Memento or Bust Directed by Andrea Martina, Arnold Aldridge Leona, who suffers from memory loss, is reminded daily by notes on how to survive in quarantine and…


Film ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WORLD Directed by Babak Beigi A Western Gunfight, Coronavirus vs nurse