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Covid-19. Crisis 2020

Film Covid-19. Crisis 2020 Directed by Ben David Garza Amid the crisis in the world, people in Guadalajara, Mexico, are forced to make hard decisions due to…

Daydream Resonance

Film Daydream Resonance Directed by Liye Rivera-Melo A teacher during the times of the Covid-19 pandemic fears getting sick. His obsession and loneliness will distort...

Dear Time

Film Dear Time Directed by João Conde “Dear Time” is a homemade documental short-film created by João Conde. It’s a 3 minute reflection about time,...

Death Is A Rose Bush

Film Death Is A Rose Bush Directed by Rich Varville Two neighbors try to resolve a dispute amicably but unravel in the process.

Delivery Boys and 2019-nCoV

Film Delivery Boys and 2019-nCoV Directed by Donghai Su A brief animated film about coronavirus


Film Disconnect Directed by Chloe Cruz, Kathryn Bons Quarantine is hard when you don't have wifi

Distant Threat

Film Distant Threat Directed by Jean Pierre d'Alençon Alone in her room, a girl is threaten by a masked killer, who is quite adamant when it...

Don’t Worry

Film Don’t Worry Directed by Mana Pakseresht A teenage girl whose birthday is quarantined at home because of Corona. Her nurse mother from the hospital…

ev·a·nesce: A Worldly Mishap

Film ev·a·nesce: A Worldly Mishap Directed by Angelik Laboy An exchange student shines a light on how a pandemic has affected her story.


Film FRONT LINE WORKER Directed by Denman Hatch After enduring another tough day, a nurse washes away her misery with a wrath her hands have never…