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Gotta Sing For It

Film Gotta Sing For It Directed by Ralph Blanchard In the midst of a pandemic, a man is disturbed by a mysterious courier that insists on delivering…

Growing Up COVID

Film Growing Up COVID Directed by Rylee Landau This movie is about a moment in time. The time during COVID-19. There’s so much to be concerned...

Helping Hands

Film Helping Hands Directed by Christian Mümken After a long and exhausting day of work during the COVID-19 pandemic, a nurse returns home to a…


Film Heroes Directed by Carlo Baltazar Going through life during the pandemic and the lock down while coping with losses.


Film History Directed by Justin Jay Jones A short documentary about memories.

Home Sweet Home

Film Home Sweet Home Directed by Mohammad Zare, Raana Vaezi Home Sweet Home!

I don’t see any borders, do you?

Film I don’t see any borders, do you? Directed by Parham (Ali) Manian You can buy San DiegThe political and ideological conflicts have caused that human beings (people) and different nations...

I think it’s enough, isn’t it?

Film I think it’s enough, isn’t it? Directed by Emily Shir Segal Reconstructing one last encounter with Dad.

Idée Fixe

Film Idée Fixe Directed by Aiden Keltner An experimental short that explores the journey we each must take to find peace in quarantine.

I’m Glad You’re Here

Film I’m Glad You’re Here Directed by Taylor Ingalls According to Taylor, quarantine is boring, monotonous, and just downright depressing. But her friend Ginny likes to look…