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How to Get Famous on the Internet: Launching a Successful Youtube Channel

  • 300 mins


How to Get Famous on the Internet: Launching a Successful Youtube Channel


Are you interested in making money by creating web videos? Web series and online content creation is an ever changing landscape, but this workshop will cover the basics of launching your brand of online videos! You’ll learn about the largest platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Tik Tok and more.

Hosted in a 5000 square foot production studio developed to create Web Series, Podcasts and Live streams; Our live, in person workshop will talk about what you need to know to create hit videos and branding for yourself, including: creating a format for your show, producing regular content, Growing your audience and subscriber numbers, and using search algorithms to your advantage. 

We’ll also discuss using social media to promote your brand, Maintaining a strong online presence & persona, How to monetize your content and what to expect from ad revenue. Plus, we’ll explore other revenue sources like crowdfunding, merchandise, sponsorship deals and more. We will also discuss building your production team to help produce regular hit content that generates revenue.

Join this one day intensive workshop for lessons and direct discussion about content creation, monetization, crowdfunding, and building an audience.  The class will also examine some examples of breakthrough artists who were able to take their online videos and leverage them into bigger mainstream success.

This workshop is taught by a Youtube celebrity, Derrick Acosta of Mega64. With over 600k Subscribers and 170 million views, Mega64 has been posting youtube videos since 2005 and have amassed a world-wide following.

Starting in a bedroom in 2003, Mega64 now operates a 5,000 sq foot production studio in San Diego, and regularly travels the world attending conventions, industry events and live shows to greet their fans. Their journey and success can be a road map for anyone who wants to go from making online videos in their spare time to a full time job.



This workshop lasts 5 hours with a 45 minute break for lunch

Dates:  June 15th from 10-3PM

Location:  Mega64 Studios (La Mesa, CA)



Every participant in the class gets a $15 gift card to Nelson Photo Supplies, provided by our generous sponsor! Gift cards can be redeemed in-store only.



  • Cost: $75 plus $1 processing fee per class.
  • Ages: 14 and up
  • Level: Intro
  • LOCATION: Live and in-person at Mega64 Studios in La Mesa



Derrick Acosta: Video Producer, Director, Actor and YouTube star Derrick Acosta has created video content for MTV, Spike TV, The Hub Network, Hulu, Nintendo, Hasbro Toys, Sony Playstation, Microsoft XBOX, Disney and many more.

Derrick currently resides in San Diego, CA. producing weekly entertainment for the YouTube channel Mega64 with a video catalog garnering over 150 million views and 600K subscribers. 


Dates & Times


Mega 64 Studios

Wed, Jun 15
10:00 am