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Armed Forces Film Challenge Registration

  • 86,400 mins

Purchase a “ticket” here to register a team for the “Armed Forces Film Challenge!”

Veterans and Active Military have historically put their lives on the line to protect our country and way of life, but sometimes their other contributions go unnoticed.   At the Film Consortium San Diego we honor and encourage their artistic initiatives through the Film Con Challenge’s 2020 theme “Armed Forces Film Challenge”.  The Armed Forces Film Challenge will seek to tell stories written and directed by Veterans and Active Duty Military members. Films from all genres (including but not limited to military themed) will be produced.

“Armed Forces Film Challenge” aims to tell stories written by veterans or active duty military service members and with veterans or active duty military service members in key creative roles on the production. The Film Con Challenge is a timed competition bringing together some of San Diego’s greatest storytellers to produce a short film (less than 15 minutes) in a 60 day long competition.Each year, The Film Con Challenge will promote an overarching theme for the timed competition, with 2019 being entitled “Armed Forces Film Challenge”.Teams will be given up to three vetted stories from the local writer’s group So Say We All and other local writers and will have to do the following:

  • Choose one of the three stories
  • Adapt the story into a screenplay
  • Shoot, edit and hand in final film by deadline
  • Include 2 assigned creative elements in the produced film
  • Choose a veteran or active duty military service members director (no sharing the role unless with another vet/active duty service member ) Veterans or active duty service members in other creative roles are encouraged but not required (cinematographer, editor, production designer etc).
  • Complete all paperwork, release forms etc and hand in with film.


Kickoff: Friday, January 31st at 6PM (online)

Deadline: Tuesday, March 31st at 6PM


$120 Early Registration Fee until January 17th at midnight

$150 Registration Fee until January 24th at 6PM

$180 Late Registration Fee until Feb 15th at 6PM

For all information visit:

Dates & Times



Sat, Feb 15
6:00 pm