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The 2020 San Diego Film Awards were delayed by COVID, but never abandoned. Hosted by award-winning actor Merrick McCartha, the 2020 show aired on KPBS in May of 2021.

Photo courtesy of Joel Mitchell

This year’s guest presenters included Emmy Nominated actor Mark Christopher Lawrence, Ethan van Thillo (SD Latino Film Festival), Laura Castaneda (Union Tribune) , John Decker (KPBS), Brian Hu (Pacific Arts Movement), Nancy Worlie (KPBS), Peter Preston (Panasonic Lumix), Antonio Iannotta (SD Italian Film Festival, Tonya Mantooth (SD International Film Festival), Wedad Schlotte (SD Arab Film Festival) and many more.

Panic at Parq, a short film produced by our community, was included in the 2020 Film Awards. Watch the lovely special appearances from Sue Vicory, Joe Castanho, David Dawson, Shannon Taylor, Jordan Jacobo, and the rest of the cast!

Since 2014, San Diego Film Awards is the only awards show that recognizes locally produced films and their cast, crew and talent! Films released during the previous calendar year are celebrated in our annual show. A must see televised event!

Robert Lerner

El cajon

Other awards shows should view
this program to see a winner.

Frank Forth

El Cajon

Your format was near perfect.

Wally Schlotter

Former San Diego Film Commissioner

“The San Diego Film Awards”… It’s
definitely Award-worthy itself.”

Ken Gora

El Cajon

Great job showing the historical reference
& footage of each category with Good presenters
and using The Lot La Jolla for the backdrop.

The San Diego Film Awards is now accepting submissions and will happen in the Spring of 2022 and will celebrate and recognize films released in both 2020 and 2021.