Quarantine Film Challenge

Quarantine Film Challenge

Presented by

Film Consortium San Diego in partnership with San Diego International Airport Arts Program, KPBS and Panasonic Lumix.


Film Consortium San Diego is pleased to announce the Quarantine Film Challenge. Open to local, national and international filmmakers. This timed filmmaking competition launches Friday April 3rd at 6PM and ends Friday June 5th at midnight.

Filmmakers will have until June 5th to write, edit, shoot and submit an under 5 minute film about their experience during or inspired by the COVID-19 Pandemic. All filmmakers are asked to comply with all current limitations and quarantine measures as mandated by local, regional or national governments. Filmmakers will be given until May 15 to submit for free and until Friday, June 5, 2020 to submit for a $25 fee.

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