Quarantine Film Challenge Virtual World Premieres and Filmmaker Q & A

  • 30 mins

Watch 10 films from the Quarantine Film Challenge and participate in a Q & A with the filmmakers.  Program includes short films made in quarantine all over the world.  Screening is a 8PM Pacific Daylight Time.

Program includes:

‘Heroes’ directed by Carlo Baltazar (USA)

‘Shanghai needs a hero’ by Damien Louise (China)

‘Stay Home, Tomato!’ by Rashid Aghamaliyev (Czech Republic)

‘ev·a·nesce: A Worldly Mishap’ by Angelik Laboy  (Puerto Rico)

‘VIRUSHEAD’ by Pedro Pablo Dominguez Guasch (Spain)

‘Artie & The Apple Gang’ by Artie Brennan (USA)

‘Buenanueva’ by Miguel Ángel Marqués (Spain)

‘Keep Calm and Stay Indoors’ by Josh Stone (United Kingdom)

‘FRONT LINE WORKER’ by Denman Hatch (Canada)

‘Delivery Boys and the 2019-nCoV’ by Dong Haisu (China)


8:00 PM (PDT) : Intro

8:10 PM (PDT):  Films

8:40 PM (PDT):  Q & A with filmmakers

In this program


Directed by Danielle LeBlanc

An anxious woman struggles to adjust to her new reality as she navigates her way through a sea of information.


Directed by Denman Hatch

After enduring another tough day, a nurse washes away her misery with a wrath her hands have never known.

Delivery Boys and 2019-nCoV

Directed by Donghai Su

A brief animated film about coronavirus

Keep Calm and Stay Indoors

Directed by Josh Stone

A short comedic 1940s style film outlining the 10 steps of quarantine survival.


Directed by Miguel Ángel Marqués

Laura finds out via the News, that in her mother’s nursing home there has been an outbreak of COVID-19. Unable to contact the nursing home directly, the situation is worsened when a friend of Laura has at the same time received information regarding her own mother to say that she is in good health.

Artie & The Apple Gang Gang

Directed by Artie Brennan

The host of a Mr. Rogers type show is forced to make a new episode 52 days into quarantine. This is the result.


Directed by Pedro Pablo Dominguez Guasch

Desolation has flooded our lives. Fear and paranoia suffocate us, while the virus moves among us invisibly

ev·a·nesce: A Worldly Mishap

Directed by Angelik Laboy

An exchange student shines a light on how a pandemic has affected her story.

Stay Home, Tomato!

Directed by Nazrin Aghamaliyeva

A film about naughty Tomato, which didn’t want to stay in the refrigerator.

Shanghai Needs a Hero

Directed by Damien Louise

2020, the year of Gengzi, the Lunar New Year, As Wuhan’s novel coronavirus sweeping across the country, Shanghai activated first-level emergency response.


Directed by Carlo Baltazar

Going through life during the pandemic and the lock down while coping with losses.

Dates & Times

Sun, Jun 7
8:00 pm