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Film Mixer and ‘Military Made Shorts’ Movie Day featuring “Libertas”

  • 240 mins


With San Diego’s vast military population, the Film Consortium is proud to support and showcase films by active duty military and veterans.  Join us for our film mixer and movie day on May 1st at ReBru Spirits’ Sideyard Patio which will feature  local military film screenings from the GI Film Festival San Diego, San Diego Film Week  a long overdue screening of the Armed Forces Film Challenge shorts and  a special screening of the feature film “Libertas,” written and produced by CJ Machado and directed by Mark Vizcarra.

Join us for community networking, a pitchfest seeking more military or veteran-made content,  red carpet photos and more.   

Support local filmmakers, watch your film, and network with our local film community!  Exceptional food and beverages are available for purchase.



Film Mixer and ‘Military Made Shorts’ Movie Day featuring “Libertas”



12:00 PM: Check in, mix and mingle, food and beverages available for purchase
1:00 PM: Libertas
3:00 PM Shorts Block (1 hour) Q&A and Pitchfest — Armed Forces Film Challenge
5:00 PM Shorts Block (1 hour) Q&A and Pitchfest -Award winning GI Film Festival San Diego Shorts
7:00 Shorts Block (1 hour) Q&A and Pitchfest – Selections from VET TV 
9:00 Wrap



Film Week and Armed Forces Film Challenge block
Entrenched: Prologue

Life After Oblivion
Solemn Return

SCUBA: Recovery, Purpose & Camaraderie

GI Film Festival San Diego Block
Tiger Oak + Echo
Guide ON
Amazing Grace
Fort Irwin

Vet TV Block

A Grunt’s Life S2E2
Let’s Talk about the War Episode 1

Let’s Talk about the War Episode 2


Sponsored by:  Panasonic USA, KPBS, Nelson Photo Supplies


In this program

Fort Irwin

To confront his past trauma, an amputee veteran acts in a hyper realistic military simulation.


Amazing Grace

“Amazing Grace” tells the story of a young woman looking after her father, a Vietnam Veteran struggling with alcoholism and PTSD, in which dealing with the challenges of everyday life can require an extraordinary amount of patience, understanding, love… and grace.


Guide On

Guide On is the story of a young woman’s quest to be extraordinary, inspired by true events.

Entrenched: Prologue

Directed by Ray Gallardo

Brotherhood, family, Combat and the complex interconnections that make us human. Entrenched: Prologue is the story before the story of two special forces operators, Dominic Turmalino and Frankie Robinson, who are about to embark on a life-changing mission while one decides to hold onto a secret. Both leave to fight a battle together. One returns to fight another on his own.


“Oblivion” is the story of a Marine Sniper returning from Afghanistan and the ghosts that come with him. It focuses on a singular traumatic event that stands out among the many he experienced.



Directed by Nepal Arslan

A special operator is on leave and comes home to surprise his family. But finds that only his younger brother is home… and wasn’t expecting his visit. This film follows the journey of a battle away from the frontlines, and focuses on the youth’s relationship to the drug world.



A Marine returning from a wartime deployment is comforted during his mother’s death and subsequent mourning by his canine companion.


Solemn Returns

A young veteran struggles with returning from war and turns to writing.


Tiger Oak + Echo

Directed by Cy Kuckenbaker

When Echo is allowed to join his brother in an ambush against Soviet forces, he makes a mistake that costs them everything.



Directed by Mark Vizcarra

An edge-of-your-seat war documentary as told by the last WWII 101st Airborne Screaming Eagle who still jumps like he did seventy-five years ago on D-Day.

In this program

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Sun, May 1
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