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‘Friends of the Film Consortium’ screening and “A Simple Twist”

  • 240 mins

Reunited and it feels so good! The Film Consortium Reunion will bring together new and established members of our Film Consortium family after 2 years of being kept apart. Join us for movie day on March 26th at Rebru Spirits’ Sideyard Patio (part of Thorn Brewing Barrio Logan). The event will feature San Diego Film Week selections, a pitchfest, community networking, red carpet photos, and a special recognition ceremony for Film Consortium supporters who have been with the Film Consortium since inception. Screenings will include films made by long-term supporters of the Film Consortium with a special Premiere screening of “A Simple Twist” directed by Shane Allen and Starring Tony Cox.

Support, watch your film, and network with our local film community! Exceptional food and beverages are available for purchase.


Date: March 26th, 2021
Time: 12PM to 6PM
Location: Rebru Spirits’ Sideyard Patio
Cost: $15 plus $1 processing fee
Exceptional food and beverages are available for purchase.
‘Friends of the Film Consortium’ screening and “A Simple Twist”
12:00PM : Sign in, networking and red carpet photos and food/beverages available for purchase
1:00: Pitchfest and FCSD Founders Ceremony
2:00: Friends of the Film Consortium Screening block
5:00: A Simple Twist
6:00: After Party in the Speakeasy
9:00: Wrap




In this program:

Simple Twist

Directed by Shane P. Allen

The past delivers pain and joy to a lonely man with a broken-heart.


Soon Enough

Directed by Jordan Jacobo


Panic at Parq

Directed by Susan Vicory

Fearing the wrath of the show’s head honcho, the squabbling band of producers is forced to put aside their differences long enough to secretly audition replacement acts; but when nearly every performer in San Diego responds to their casting call, they quickly realize just how in-over-their-heads they truly are.


Perfect Timing

Two friends say goodbye, as uncertainty surrounds them.



Directed by Anthony Maze

Set in the victorian era, a therapist is called upon to help a troubled man overlook tragedy and understand that it’s ok to “move on.”


Last Lessons

Directed by Dimitri Greene, Luis Martinez

A man wills his fortune to the one he loves.



As Long As You’re Happy

Directed by Meghan Courtney

Hanna Arp is a single mother of two, with love and grace is coming to terms with the fact that her son has just come out. In the midst of it all, she meets someone and soon learns something unexpected. Follow a mother’s journey of acceptance and finding a love of her own… in “As Long As You’re Happy”


The Flourish

Directed by Shannon Taylor

A young girl dreams of being a magician despite person and family conflict.


Old Aquatics

Directed by Stephen Mickelsen

Meaningful human connections can happen anywhere, even on New Year’s Eve.


The Power Agent

Directed by Mark Atkinson

A struggling actor seeks advice from his wise and powerful agent in this comedy short that explores, exploits and parodies the talent and talent representation relationship.


A Quint-mas Carol

Directed by Justin Burquist

Uncle Quint tells “his version” of a “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to his little nieces on Christmas Eve.

In this program

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