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SD Film Awards Best Student Narrative Shorts Screening

  • 85 mins

The Film Consortium will screen the student nominated films for the BEST STUDENT NARRATIVE SHORT category at the 2024 San Diego Film Awards. Join us to watch the nominees on June 12th at the Digital GYM Cinema.


Date: June 12th

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: Digital GYM Cinema



1.Los Ayeres de Hoy
2.Say Nothin’ But a Word
3.The Other Side
4.6 Weeks
5.The Box
6.Shayna Punim


Support students local filmmakers, watch films, and network with our local film community!

In this program

The Box

Directed by Benjamin George Taft

A grieving young man receives a mysterious package that leads him into a deep reconnection with an old friend.

6 Weeks

Directed by Caroline Lannes

Penny, a teenage girl living in Idaho, gets pressured into having sex without a condom resulting in her unwanted pregnancy. Because of Idaho’s strict rules on abortion, Penny has to join forces with her best friend and together they must find a way to get a legal abortion. Through this journey, their bond strengthens and blossoms into something more.

The Other Side

Directed by Angel Gomez

Eugenio Sanchez is a homesick paletero who has been deported from the states, leaving his family behind. He lives a solitary life now, as he sells ice cream for a living. But, one day Lucia, one of his neighbors, asks him to babysit her child. Which forces Eugenio to face the emotional barriers he faced with his own kid.

Shayna Punim

Directed by Emilie Anderson

Donna Finkle dreams of being a writer, but doesn’t know how to tell her overbearing family, who she feels just want her to settle down and get married. At first, Donna attempts to do it all– please her family by entertaining their fruitless matchmaking attempts, and simultaneously achieve her dream by submitting to publishing houses– but after three writing rejections and numerous failed romances, Donna is left exhausted and discouraged. Then, when Donna’s pretty, perfect younger sister, Esti, gets engaged at family dinner night… it’s the last straw. After a tearful, dramatic break down, Donna is ready to tell her family the truth about how she feels– and in doing so, prove that she is more than just a “shayna punim.” Going in, Donna expects the worst, but… her family might just surprise her.

Say Nothin’ But a Word

Directed by Chantay Taylor

Set in 1980’s America, Say Nothin’ But a Word looks at the life of two accomplished black artists, Jeremih Simmons and Denzel Onai. While leaving an art club one night the two men undergo a stop and frisk conducted by the city’s police. Their interaction with the policemen becomes tense when the officers mistake their sign language for aggression. The film’s protagonist, Jeremih, a shy talented artist, becomes a shining example of how our experiences shape our artistic voices.

This film sheds a light on the fear that is often felt by many black and disabled individuals, when dealing with law enforcement. The serious moments of the film are surrounded by heavy themes of community, activism, and perseverance through adversity. The film aims to encourage self-discovery and confidence in the face of injustice.

Los Ayeres De Hoy

Directed by Emilia Pérez Rocha Santos

When a failing high school student is asked to go to his professor’s office hours, he ends up traveling back in time to experience all the hardships Chicanos endured.

Dates & Times

Digital GYM Cinema

June 12, 2024
6:00 pm