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SD Film Awards Best Narrative Short: Screening Block 2

  • 72 mins

The Film Consortium will screen select ‘Best Narrative Short Film’ nominated films along with other select nominated shorts during the NARRATIVE SHORT NOMINEES SCREENING BLOCK 2.  Join us to watch the nominees on June 19th at the Digital GYM Cinema.


Date: June 19th

Time: 8:00 pm

Venue: Digital GYM Cinema



2. And Yet They Speak
3. The Mad Doctor of The Intercontinental Hotel
4. The Last Butterflies


Support local filmmakers, watch films, and network with our local film community!

In this program


Directed by Kevin Waczek

On a mission to stop Strangers from dumping trash in her local canyon, Sarah discovers not trash… but a corpse.

And Yet They Speak

Directed by Windy Marshall

Plagued since her childhood by disturbing sounds, a young girl learns what’s dead isn’t always gone.

The Mad Doctor of The Intercontinental Hotel

Directed by Michael Shane Bowles

While on a self-guided ghost tour, a haunted house enthusiast attempts to separate fact from fiction by summoning The Mad Doctor of The Intercontinental Hotel.

The Last Butterflies

Directed by Patrick Rea

After a collection of environmental disasters lead society to the brink of collapse a young mother must find ways to survive with her small child as they navigate the near-future apocalypse.


Directed by Emily Lerer

In a world where the only thing that matters is your “likeability”, what are you willing to do to ensure the safety and future of your of spring? Perhaps a guest spot at a high ratings TV show? what could go wrong…

Dates & Times

Digital GYM Cinema

June 19, 2024
8:00 pm