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SD Film Awards Best Narrative Short: Screening Block 1

  • 88 mins

The Film Consortium will screen the nominated films for the BEST NARRATIVE SHORT NOMINEES SCREENING BLOCK 1 category at the 2024 San Diego Film Awards. Join us to watch the nominees on June 13th at the Digital GYM Cinema.

Date: June 13th

Time: 6:00 pm

Venue: Digital GYM Cinema



1. I Walk With Ghosts
2. Red Blooded
4. Sunset Drive
5. Death is a Rose Bush


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In this program

I Walk With Ghosts

Directed by Grant Clover, Michael Metzler Jr.

In this short poetic film, a man follows ghosts, witnessing the subtle beauty of their journeys and their desires. Through his wanderings with them, he comes to realize what they’re looking for in their brief, inexplicable lives — as the physical and supernatural worlds collide.

Red Blooded

Directed by Roman S. Koenig

A school board president who has little tolerance for immigrants, students of color, and others, gets the tables turned on her when she learns that her son is a member of the kinds of groups that she and her husband target, leading to her own lesson in acceptance.


Directed by Aiden Keltner

Based on the true stories of many families, Amazing Grace tells the story of a single mother caring for her adult son with schizophrenia.

Sunset Drive

Directed by Michael Thomas DeLano

Humans and an invasive alien species have come to a stalemate. Humans in rural areas can only survive at night with a shield built from alien tech. When marauders steal an older couples shield power source it doesn’t take long for them to realize they might have messed with the wrong old couple.

Death Is A Rose Bush

Directed by Rich Varville

Two neighbors try to resolve a dispute amicably but unravel in the process.

Dates & Times

Digital GYM Cinema

June 13, 2024
6:00 pm