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A Woman’s Place: Shorts blocks featuring ‘Becoming Lola’

  • 240 mins



Girl Power Month! Join us for San Diego Film Week screening of ‘A Woman’s Place: Short film blocks featuring Becoming Lola’ during Women’s History Month.  These films are made by local women filmmakers, and feature student and professional work. Join us for our movie night on Sunday, March 27th at ReBru Spirits’ Sideyard Patio (part of Thorn Brewing Barrio Logan) which will feature  San Diego Film Week selections, a pitchfest seeking more women-made content, community networking, red carpet photos and more.

Support, watch your film, have some drinks, and network with our local film community!  Exceptional food and beverages are available for purchase.






12:00 PM Sign in, networking and red carpet photos (food and beverages available for purchase)

1:00 PM: Pitchfest (sign up here)

2:00 PM Student Film Shorts Block

3:30 PM A Woman’s Place Shorts Block

5:30 PM First Time filmmaker and Her Film Challenge Shorts Block

7:00 Becoming Lola (Feature)




Student Film Shorts Block:

It’s A Living Thing
Nude Territory


A Woman’s Place Shorts Block:

Never Famous (By: Manda Nicole)
The Flourish
Let’s Eat


First Time filmmaker and Her Film Challenge Shorts Block:

3 Damm Blondes
In the Absence of Eden
Deep In Her Heart
Unauthorized Adventures of Mary Ashley Olsen
Reaching for Sky
Never Famous (By: Angellyne De Perio)

In this program


Directed by Laura Nguyen

If a crime was committed and there are no witnesses, no proof, and no escape, who’s going to believe you?


Directed by Carolyn Knapp

Vivian, a high school senior, stresses over her college applications as she struggles with an evolving friendship, a tense family dynamic, and the seemingly crushing responsibility of taking charge of her own future.

It’s a Livin’ Thing

Directed by Amanda Cat

Aaron and his Girlfriend go to his best friend Jason’s house party and are greeted with unusual hostility.


Directed by Trixi Anne Agiao

Gracie interns for a video influencer, Lindsay. They go on a hike, where Lindsay gets attacked and Gracie has to save her.

Nude Territory

Directed by Olivia Breen

A young man travels to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time and must come to terms with their unusual lifestyle.


Directed by Shakura Davis, Tia Sipel

Closer is a dance narrative that follows a young woman for a day as she deals with addiction, and the process losing her sense of self. The film starts on the street of San Diego and gradually moves into surreal environments.


Directed by Kimberly Weinberger

Jessica, struggling with body image issues and a belief in love, looks for the answers to her problems in an unlikely place: a Tantra Retreat.

Never Famous

Directed by Angellyne De Perio

When ordinary Barbara gets the call to audition for a movie, she sets out to win that special role – and the approval of her dad.

Never Famous

Directed by Manda Owen

A woman gets the opportunity to audition for a big Hollywood movie.

Becoming Lola

Directed by Karen Schuback

Linda, a fifty-something, down on her luck actor, pines to one day get that big break of becoming a star. Having given up on herself and everything she really loves, she receives a random phone call from her aging manager to attend an audition that might just be perfect for her. Along with her fabulous friend Char, they give her a well needed make-over so she can nail the audition of her dreams. Unfortunately, she is let down once again when she arrives at the audition. However, her luck will soon change when she stumbles into an audition she was never meant for. Linda soon discovers a group of diverse and loving entertainers that bring out the best in her.

The Flourish

Directed by Shannon Taylor

A young girl dreams of being a magician despite person and family conflict.



Directed by Gretchen Bayer (Wife)

We all have ties to a song that travels with us. This short film is a look back to the discovery of that first song in the soundtrack of our lives and the emotional journey that follows.

Let’s Eat

Directed by Leah Lombos

Christine Santos grows apart from her family as she gets older. But after devastating news is revealed about her mother’s health, she finds a way to rekindle their bond with their mutual love for food.

3 Damm Blondes

Directed by Diane Sargent

Meet Marilyn, Meg, and Marcy Damm. Three very different sisters raised in the Mid-West reconnecting after years apart to Southern California in their own unique and comedic way.

In The Absence Of Eden

Directed by John Freeman, Karenssa LeGear

“In the Absence of Eden” speaks to the loss of what once was, and what can never be reclaimed. An internal and external theft of self, at the hands of an abuser. How does a survivor heal, rebuild, and thrive in the absence of who they were- in the absence of eden.

Deep In Her Heart

Directed by Isabel Canzoneri

A 17 year old girl struggles to forgive her father, a firefighter who died battling a fire, and the people he saved in the process.

The Unauthorized Adventures of Mary-Ashley Olsen

Directed by Carla Nell

AngelSweetSmilez an 8-year-old awkward kid learns a lot about herself the year she pretends to be someone else. In an online chat room, she finds safety in an anonymous identity but when she has to face reality she eventually embraces herself and makes the most of a very unauthorized situation.

Reaching for Sky

Directed by Hannah Logan

An awkward, enigmatic, dog-lover running from her past, yet desperate to be free, is hurled outside her comfort zone and forced to face her fear when, at her most vulnerable, a fellow dog-lover offers his kindness and compassion.

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