Emerging Filmmakers Shorts Blocks at ReBru Spirits

  • 240 mins
New Semester, New Year!
The Film Consortium will bring Emerging Filmmaker Short Blocks made by local students. Join us for our movie night on April 1st at ReBru Spirits’ Sideyard Patio and will feature San Diego Film Week selections, networking, and red carpet photos. Screenings will include films made by awesome and talented local students.
Support, watch your film, have some drinks, and network with our local film community!
Date: April 1st, 2022
Time: 3PM to 9PM
Location: ReBru Spirits’ Sideyard Patio
Cost: $15 plus $1 processing fee
Emerging Filmmakers
3:00 PM Sign in, networking and red carpet photos (food and beverages available for purchase)
Sponsored by Panasonic Lumix, Nelson Photo Supplies and KPBS.

In this program

The Game Of Fortune

In an attempt to escape his financial woes, a young drifter walks into a mysterious bar filled with shifty card-players who invite him to play a hand. After one innocent round turns into many, luck seems to be on his side, but for how long will his game of fortune last?


Directed by Ace Davis

Nemo is a short psychological horror film about a young man named Nemo. He suffers from social anxiety and is constantly bullied by his peers. Until one day, he meets a popular girl named Ariel, she is pushing for Nemo to stand up for himself against his aggressors but each time she does it takes a darker turn.

Heaven & Hell

Directed by Josh Hernandez

An assassin confronts a painful connection to her past while on assignment and finds herself facing the possibility of redemption.


Directed by Erik Duarte, Lourdes Sanchez

Adapted from the book Sticks and Stones by Emily Bazelon

Hoco Promo

Directed by Qasim Naqvi

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Tend to the Garden

Directed by Colby Smith

Immersed in nature, Prikriti gets swept from reality as she knows it and connects with mystical beings as they help her understand new perceptions.


Directed by Aiden Keltner

A silent film that explores love and the pain it can cause.

Hawaiian Pizza

Directed by Josh Hernandez

A clumsy chef bakes a pizza despite numerous setbacks.


Directed by Luis Lopez

Kindred is a short film that highlights the main protagonist Aaron and his daily struggle with an abusive father. This story is shaped around a world of a broken family, and how a young adult handles this circumstance in such a transitional time of his life. Aaron has to figure out an escape plan for him and his mom to leave an abusive household.

The emotional connection between the mom and the son is one of a kind. It can be relatable as any one of us would do anything to protect the ones we love the most.

Dear Daisy

Directed by Connor Trees

Graham and Daisy have to lay everything on the table in order to take a step towards mending their estranged relationship.

The Long Walk

Directed by Trevor Neuenswander

Shannon Cull is on the run after escaping from a group of deadly men. She travels with her teddy bear, Hope, who is the last possession she has of her late daughter. Bo, the leader of the scavenger group, is adamant in retrieving Shannon as she is his only chance he’ll get to reproduce. The Long Walk is a story of determination, loss, and one woman’s will to survive whatever gets in her and her teddy bear’s way.


Directed by Erin Martinez

After the death of her mother, Andy visits her childhood home, uncovering the best and worst years of her life.

Induced Vengeance

Directed by Kyle Stocking

A young woman is murdered by her ex-lover and transformed into holographic artificial intelligence. She has no memory of her past, but once she regains it, the situation takes a turn for the worst with much bloodshed.

Spa-get-me More Milk

Directed by Connor Trees

The tale about two warring roommates battling over a spaghetti and milk related incident.


Directed by Matthew Hanisch

When a grandmother hesitates to try a new product designed to combat the effects of her dementia, her grandson must help her overcome her fears to improve both their lives.

Perfect Day

Directed by Daniel de la Cruz

A tale of the emotions on the first day of summer camp.

Pet Therapy Humira

Directed by Sabrina Vasquez

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