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Screenwriting Competition Finalists OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS

Screenwriting Competition Finalists


Here are nominations for the Film Consortium's first Screenwriting Competition!  Winners will be announced on March 7th at the San Diego Film Awards!

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Short Films


The Case of Evil by Neal Hallford

No Escape by Michael McLeod

Memento Mori by Eric Cassalini

Losing Patients by Cristian Xavier

Board to Be Free by Evette Betancourt

The Darkness Among Us by Martin Gomez




AKA the Latin Hammer by Larry Thomas

The Risk Factor by Homer Hseih

Mike by Fabrice Murgia

Iron Border by Larry Thomas

The Black Market News by Roman Koenig

A Ghost Story of Christmas by Eddie Yaroch

Ode to an Irishman by Laurie Altenbern

Fitness for Dummies by Martin Gomez

Sweet 15 by Debra Montoya

This Old Man by Michael McLeod

Zero Four Hundred by Larry Thomas


TV Pilots

TimeX by Thierry Denis

Celtic Ashes by Evette Betancourt

Columbus by Gabriel Rivera