San Diego Film Week “Theme” Announcement: Contemporary Realism

We’re proud to announce that the primary theme of the 2018 San Diego Film Week will be “Contemporary Realism.”

Why?  In light of recent state of our nation including natural disasters, racial tensions, political tensions etc, we feel this is an important time for us to encourage the use of film as a medium for learning about other's experiences.   Realist movements have taken place in film history in order to show the real experiences that real people go through in life and amid important historical times.  Often they come about because the popular films of the time do not reflect the reality that people are actually experiencing in the real world.  We believe this is one of those times. 

What is "Contemporary Realist?"  Realist Films often show life “as it is” with low budget films shot on location utilizing long takes, deep focus, non-professional/ unknown actors. These films often reflect social issues of the time.   We are defining "Contemporary Realism" as films that show real experiences of real people in modern times.  

How does that affect my submission for San Diego Film Week?

  1. We will still accept locally produced films ON ANY theme.
  2. However we will have special films blocks, workshops and recognition for "Contemporary Realist” narrative films during the 2018 San Diego Film Week
  3. We will be announcing a film competition in partnership  So Say We All and KPBS that incorporate “Contemporary Realist” themes and stories

What we are looking for?

We are looking for locally produced NARRATIVE films about the real experiences of all types of people including refugees, undocumented immigrants, Muslims, Christians, documented immigrants, minorities, women, men, children, right-wing, left-wing, moderates, youth, natural disaster victims, etc. etc. etc.  

What other themed blocks will there be during Film Week?

My first film


Horror/Thriller/Late Night




Music Video

SD <3 LA

SD <3 TJ

Where can I learn about realism in film?

To get you started, here are links to a few short videos that talks about a few of the most famous realist film movements, the Italian Neorealism and French New Wave

More questions?  Email filmconsd@gmail.com

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