KPBS Explore Finalists Announced

The Film Consortium San Diego was proud to work with KPBS on the Explore Local Content Project and we are excited to announce the finalists!

KPBS Explore Finalists Announced

Coming soon to KPBS, a robust selection of finalists from the KPBS Explore Local Content Project producing content that highlights the diverse aspects of Southern California culture and industry.

My First Day
First days can be exhilarating, terrifying - or a mix of both. They mark the beginning of life’s chapters and define who we ultimately become. My First Day is a new podcast series that explores these important days through people who came to San Diego from elsewhere, and now call it home.

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Jordan Loves
San Diego is a place like no other. And no one knows this better than Jordan Jacobo, a San Diego native bent on exploring the unseen corners and unknown features of America’s Finest City. These hilarious history shorts will leave you wanting more from this charismatic (if not Seinfeldian) host.

Release Date TBD

Rad Scientist (Formerly known as Portrait of a Scientist)
San Diego, a hub of discovery, is teeming with scientists who devote their lives to unearthing the secrets of our world. One thing uniting them all is an insatiable curiosity. They study everything from the smallest organisms to the largest cosmic events and their stories are fascinating. They aren’t mad, but they certainly are Rad scientists.

Podcast Coming October 2017

The story of one African woman’s journey to freedom through the power of art and dance. Born in Ethiopia during a time of civil unrest, she and her family fled to Sudan where she was raised in a very restrictive traditional community; as a result her whole life was planned out for her, including who she would marry. Powerful and moving, it’s a story of transformation and the power of art to liberate the spirit.
Coming Winter 2017/2018

San Diego’s Gay Bar History
A look back at how Hillcrest bars played a critical role in the formation of the LGBTQ community here in San Diego through creating safe spaces for gathering and self-expression.
Coming June 2018

Above The Tin
An intimate portrait of a local youth squash team. The story examines the relationships between coach and player on and off the court and their quest for a championship.
Coming Winter 2017/2018

Soapbox Derby Racing
See how a group of dedicated Sherman Heights residents use a Soapbox Racing Club to connect with and mentor a group of neighborhood kids. Their story highlights the importance of community and the value of intergenerational relationships.
Coming Spring 2018

About The Project

The KPBS Explore Local Content Project is our local content initiative launched in 2012 as a way to create more local programming. The goal of the initiative is to grow the quality and quantity of local content by collaborating with local producers on ideas for programs and series that increase our sense of place, connect audiences over shared experiences, and reflect our diverse and dynamic community. Ideas launched through the initiative are funded in party by KPBS and distributed across all our platforms.

How do we bring your ideas to life? A dedicated committee solicits ideas through a proposal process. Promising ideas are vetted thoroughly and must meet the committee’s selection criteria: 1) a grasp of how to create content using public media sensibilities; 2) a track record of executing content projects on deadline; and 3) a realistic budget and plan for raising remaining production funds.

The 2016-2017 KPBS Explore Local Content Project launched a Pitch Competition in October 2016 that resulted in 7 new titles for release on KPBS.

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