JoAnne Griffin DVM, Canine Actors

JoAnne Griffin DVM, Canine Actors

San Diego, CA. All Breeds of dogs! Over 25 yrs. Experience Training Dogs for Film, National TV Commercials & Ad Campaigns, TV, Videos and National Photo Shoots.

JoAnne Griffin DVM, Owner & Training Director, Camera One Canine Actors

Email me for an estimate at:

Please include the Action the dog is to do in your project along with any actors/models that will be in the shot & if any children, their ages. Also include if any other dogs, cats or animals that will be in the shot, whether indoors/outdoors, the environmental conditions ie wind, rain, party scene, loud noises, traffic, beach etc and the General shoot location. This allows me to give you the most accurate and detailed estimate and submit the dogs that are the best match for your project.

Canine Actors: All breeds! Beautiful and talented dogs trained positively for reliability and efficiency. Cut production time and costs by using our Professionally trained dogs. Professional/Experienced Trainers on set, script breakdowns, prep as needed for your production needs. We adhere to the AHA (American Humane Association) guidelines for the care of animals on set. I am also a CA fully Licensed Veterinarian.
Professional Dog Trainer at the National Level since 1983, #1 Ranked in the US for 3 years, Perfect 200 Scores, Competition Obedience, Conformation, Multiple Champions and Obedience Trial Champions.

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HVOC, ASSA, ABOCI, CA Licensed Veterinarian
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