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Fall Film Fest Jury Awards Announcement

Here's the list of awards given out last night at the inaugural Fall Film Fest by the judges!  We'll post the winners of the audience awards as soon as we figure out where we wrote them down.   Ooops.

Comedy/Romance Category

1st Place: UnderCovers by Amalgamated Grommets

2nd Place: Birthday Wish by A Focus Group

3rd Place (tied):  A Good 'Ol Chap by A Focus Group

Hotel De Paso by StephenJake Productions



Drama Category

1st Place: Somethin' About Death by Galen Thorne

2nd Place: Blood Brothers by Raising the Bar Entertainment

3rd Place: Absent by Heartland Films





1st Place: A Case of Evil by Swords and Circuitry Studios

2nd Place: Stover Hill by TimeAxis Entertainment

3rd Place: The Reunion by King of Hearts Films


Trailer Category

1st Place: Club Frontera by Frazzled Man Productions

2nd Place: A Case of Evil by Swords and Circuitry Studios

3rd Place: Anything But Frogs by Snaps Films in association with San Diego State University



San Diego A-List Acting Awards

Beth Gallagher

Fernando “Jay” Huerto

Ghadir Mounib

Laura Bohlin

Merrick McCartha

Mike Brayden

Randy Davison

Robert Nixon

Yvette Angulo

Ryan Casselman

Lisa Winans

Jon Maxwell