Continuing Education

San Diego City College

This college's Radio, Television and Film department provides film courses focused on audio production, screenwriting, TV production and more.

UC San Diego Extension Digital Arts Center

The Digital Arts Center ( DAC ) is a branch of the University of California, San Diego Extension. DAC offers professional training in various digital media art fields such as graphic and web design, mobile application development, and video production.

Media Arts Center San Diego

Media Arts Center San Diego offers a wide variety of workshops for those interested in learning skills such as editing, motion graphics, cinematography and more.  They also offer video production classes and media tech camps for teens and children.

Platt College San Diego

Platt College is an accredited Post-secondary and Vocational Educational institution. Specializations include video production, 3D animation, graphic design, development multimedia training, game animation, video game design to website design classes.

San Diego State University College of Television, Film and New Media Production

B.S. and Master's degree programs designed to prepare students in the moving image arts for a variety of careers in television, film, and new media production, as well as media distribution, and management in a rapidly evolving technological environment. The program focuses on the skills needed by producers, directors, cinematographers, videographers, sound and lighting designers, editors, animators, art directors, and writers in both fiction and non fiction storytelling.