Announcing our FIRST Screenwriting Competition!



Welcome to the very first screenwriting competition through the Film Consortium San Diego! We are looking for the BEST screenplays that San Diego writers have to offer!
Finalists will be announced in February of 2015 and the winners of the competition will be announced at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards.

This competition is limited to screenwriters residing (either partially or completely) within San Diego county.   No screenplays from non-San Diego County residents will be considered.

Please read the rules and script guidelines carefully before entering the competition.

Feature Screenplays (any genre) (80-130 pages)
1 hr & 1/2 hr Original TV Pilots (30 and 60 minutes pilots)
Short Films  (under 30 pages)

January 1, 2015
Fees:  $30 for features or tv series pilots
$15 for short films

January 15, 2015
Fees:  $45 for features or tv series pilots
$25 for short films

February 1, 2015
Fees:  $60 for features or TV series pilots
$40 for short film

FEEDBACK FEES (optional)
$100 for features or TV series pilots
$50 for short film

This competition is open to any writer, 18 or older, living (partially or entirely) within San Diego County.   Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the winners' names and likenesses for publicity and promotion with no additional compensation.  We reserve the right to publicize and promote any and all progress, development and success of the entered scripts.

  • Any script from any genre will be considered
  • Multiple entries are accepted, provided you fill out an application for each script
  • Multiple authorship is acceptable.  If the screenplay wins a cash or prizes award, that award will be divided among the writers, by the writers.
  • Screenplays must be the original work of the author.
  • On the cover page of your script, please DO NOT include your name or address.  We only want the title of the script on the cover page.
  • Film Consortium San Diego recommends registering your scripts with the Library of Congress.
  • No substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages for script entries will be accepted under any circumstances.  If you wish to submit a new draft of your script you must treat it as a new entry.. please fill out an application and re-pay the submission fee.
  • Submit scripts in English.
  • Material will not be returned under any circumstances.
  • Body pages must be numbered.
  • Scripts must be in industry standard format, 12 point courier font.
  • The decisions of our judges are final and may not be disputed.
  • Please do not send CD's, treatments, synopses, letters or resumes.  This material will not be sent to the producer reading your script.

Finalists will be announced in February of 2015 and winners will be announced at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards.  Winners will be promoted to local production companies.  Each winner will receive 1 copy of Final Draft 9, courtesy of Final Draft.

First Place:  Feature receives $100 cash

First Place:  Short film recieves $50 cash

First Place: Television Pilot 30 minute:  $50 cash

First Place:  Television Pilot 60 minute:  $50 cash

If you would like to offer a prize to the winners or sponsor an award, please contact


If you order FEEDBACK (at an additional fee), you will get 4-5 pages of notes back (feature or TV series pilot) and 1-2 pages of notes back (short film)Please expect the feedback to be emailed to you not later than June 30, 2015, after we announce winners.
• you attached your script to this application
• PDF format only acceptedWe only accept scripts through this application form, we do not accept scripts by regular mail. Please do not mail anything to our office.   If you have trouble attaching your pdf to this application, you may email it to after you have submitted the application.