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Announcing feature film in San Diego – “Wandering Shadows”

Announcing a feature film to be shot in San Diego – “Wandering Shadows” ( We are gearing up to launch an indiegogo campaign soon and will make an announcement here when we do! Please keep an eye out. We are in Preproduction, and about 85% cast, many locations secured, crewed up, as well as equipment (when money is available to pay). We are currently planning on shooting on Panasonic AG-AF100 and Sony NEX FS700.

About the filmmakers: Clarke M. Smith, Writer and Director: creator of 17 short films since 1985, a few music videos, and a feature film that was included in several film festivals (winning first place in one), and was distributed by Inferno Motion Pictures in 2004. Latest short film "Crazy Joe" was nominated in the San Diego Film Awards for Best Lead Actor in a Short. Professional editor and visual effects artist.

~ SYNOPSIS ~ In TimeAxis Entertainment’s supernatural thriller WANDERING SHADOWS, there is something lurking in the shadows for the new couple on the block. In the small California town of Norwalk, a terrifying and malevolent force exists in their new rental home. Shrouded in mystery, the home hides a ghastly past that only one man - Ted - can unlock. The clock ticks down as the town’s inhabitants become possible suspects in what only the wandering shadows of the night can uncover. And time is also running out for Ted as he unravels the events of the past two years in a bold attempt to solve a brutal murder.