Who We Are and What We Do


We are a social venture with a hybrid business model. That means that like a non-profit, we want to benefit people; like a government, we are creating something for the public good; and like a business, we make money.

Here are the different entities we've created and their goals and activities:

The Film Consortium San Diego LLC is a social venture that stimulates film and television production in the region and increases networking, employment, education, funding and distribution opportunities in film, television and new media.  The Film Consortium holds various networking, screening and awards events including the  San Diego Film Awards, San Diego Film Week and produces the annual Local Film Showcase at the GI Film Festival San Diego.  

The Film Consortium Foundation is currently in development and is under the fiscal sponsorship of the Media Arts Center San Diego.  As the Film Consortium grows, the goal is to develop this foundation to educate, mentor and fund students and up and coming filmmakers in the San Diego region.

San Diego Film Ventures is the final part of the model and does not currently exist as an actual entity- but boy are we excited about it.   We'd tell you more about it now but if we did we'd have to kill you... ;)


FCSD has been actively working to mobilize the film community in San Diego since fall of 2012.  Holding the largest-ever film networking events in the history of San Diego film, we have quickly mobilized 1000's of people to connect, collaborate and increase the quantity and quality of films being produced in the San Diego region.   Some of the successes include:

  • Networking events with up to 750 people
  • Received double the submissions in 2014 than in the previous year.
  • Held the first-ever San Diego Film Awards to a sold-out crowd in 2014
  • Memberships doubled in size in 2014
  • Collected hundreds of locally produced films, docs and commercials.

The effort has been met with tremendous support from local businesses, non-profits, filmmakers, cast and crew and has grown dramatically in a short period of time.

Sponsors and partners

KPBS, Microsoft, New Media Rights, Media Arts Center San Diego, San Diego Songwriters Meetup, 48 Hour Film Project, San Diego Latino Film Festival, Platt College, San Diego City College, UCSD Extension DAC, Acting Professionally, VisionPulse Creative Suites, Bang Zoom Pow, Luigi's Pizzeria, Oceanside International Film Festival and many more.

Revenue and Costs

Of the roughly $45,000 in revenue we've made through our various activities over the last two tax years, here is how the money was spent:

Event Cost, Rental and Event Staffing:  33%
Marketing: 5%
Graphic Design:  5%
Outside Contract Employees:  33%
Taxes and Licenses:  2%
Website Development and Design:  13%
Bank Fees, Depreciation, Dues and Subscriptions 5.3%
Office Supplies and Miscellaneous:  3%
Professional Fees: 1%

 Film Consortium

Jodi Cilley
Jodi Cilley
Founder and President
Loree Campos
Loree Campos
Programs Coodinator
John Freeman
John Freeman
Graphic Design- Film Consortium San Diego
Patric Stillman
Patric Stillman
Film Consortium Foundation Board of Directors
Cy Kuckenbaker
Cy Kuckenbaker
Film Consortium Foundation Board of Directors
Rick Newmyer
Rick Newmyer
Executive Director, Film Consortium Foundation