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2015 Student Film Awards Official Nominations

2015 Student Film Awards Official Nominations

Student Film Awards will be held on March 6th at the Horton Grand Theater and the Gaslamp Quarter with both an awards show, an afterparty and screenings of all the nominated films.




Best Director

David Ledwith for Added
Casey Nicholas Price for Father
Galen Thorne for Something About Death

Best Original Screenplay

David Ledwith and Sam Skolnik For Added
David Oleary for Anything But Frogs
Katia Nabil Ruelas for Bark Of Luck
David Joshua Macalla for Burglars And Locks

Best Actor

Michael Mcleod for A Beautiful Credence
Randy Davison for Added
Randy Davison Bark of Luck
Christopher Cendana for Father
Luis Deveze for Something About Death

Best Supporting Actor

Randy Davison for Somethin' About Death  (WINNER)

Best Actress

Gayla Johnson for A-Nakba
Yvette Angulo for Career Path
Laura Bohlin for Gallon Of Gas
Fernanda Kelly for Somethin' About Death
Belle Adams for Split Ends

Best Supporting Actress

Ghadir Mounib for A-Knaba
Stefanie Kim for Anything But Frogs

Best Cinematography

Mark Liwanag for A Beautiful Credence
David Cunningham for Burglars And Locks
Alejandro Castro for Manifest
Kyle Fallon for Somethin About Death

Best Editing

Zev Lerner for Added
Nathan Stone for Burglars and Locks
Alejandro Castro for Manifest

Best Sound Design

Emille Modesitt for Added
Dan Chambers for Lacuna
Scott Camden for Photina
Kristian Rodriguez for Something About Death

Best Musical Score

for Added
for Fairytale
for The Apparition

Best Costume and Makeup

Shanna Clark / Jackie Quilalang for Anything But Frogs
Larry Higbee for Damsels
Galen Thorne/ Greg Thorne/ Vanessa Cartier for Somethin' About Death

Best Production Design

Nora Soto for Anything But Frogs
Brian Redfern for The Birthday Party
Greg Thorne for Somethin' About Death

Best Visual Effects

Zev Lerner for Added  (WINNER)

Best Short Film

SDSU for Added
SDSU for A-Knakba
SDSU for Something About Death


Best Music Video

UCSD Extension for We Are Sirens "King Me"
UCSD Extension for Turtle Turnip "Seashells on an Open Field"
SDSU for  Parker Edison and GMG "Apefood"
City College for Mike Brayden "Else's"


Best Short Documentary

City College for Stories Of City
City College for Short Cut
City College for Sean Fowler, Local Surfer
UCSD Extension for Crafting San Diego